This is how we are seen there: mad. Michael’s fans are not normal … thank God! The world is for fools … they are what make life go on vertically, because the normal are swirling around the course, horizontal.
We could not even be “normal” – I would say banal – because the relationship of fan and idol is a transcendental relation of Love … Regardless of never having seen or touched, love exists, it is unwavering and is reciprocal. In a love relationship there must be harmony Transcendental … and if we tune with Michael is because we also have within us the spark of his light.
As being “normal” if Michael is explendidamente abnormal? We have to be, at worst,  sui generis . And live abnormality!
Michael is a fan of tattoo final sleeps hugged to his picture for decades, does not sleep in hotels camped on the sidewalk shine, rain, heat or cold, facing the courts, the press media, is plugged into the internet all night long waiting for the miracle “auction giant stadiums in the five continents … Michael has no fan of sleep, not get tired and have no rest: Michael is 25 hours per day. He is on the skin, is in the blood, DNA …
But how not to get mad so this naughty child who spends hours of his scarce time chats and forums in the world chatting with a fan who attends a birthday party for a fan, which responds to fan mail, which leaves little notes of love for all corner where it goes, which makes flying the window of the hotel pillows and towels impregnated with their scent and a sweet declaration of love to his beloved, which descends to the kitchen of a hotel, dressed in pajamas and slippers, to sign autographs and take pictures with officials, fans that their jobs can not see it …
Tell me: how to resist and be normal about it? We have to be crazy even … crazy in love …mad most fantastic and divine madness that is devotion. And as he enjoys all that crazy expression of Pure Love! How does it deliver!
I never imagined that one day I would be happy to be crazy … and the law that gives me crazy, I can cry all never before experienced this feeling of complete surrender and devotion to my Beloved!
MICHAEL, I have not tattooed on skin aging, or perishing in the DNA in every life. I tattooed at Alma, for past, present and future to bring to me, always: inseparable and indestructible. For all eternity you and you’ll be on me because a pact soul is not subject to time and space.

Thanks “Alma Celtica” for this wonderful blog dedicated to our beloved Michael.
With L.O.V.E.

*This text was translated from Portuguese to English using google.

~ by soldiersoflove on February 24, 2011.

One Response to “CRAZY FOR MICHAEL”

  1. I do not mind being crazy in this context…actually, I am crazy bc I am not part of conventional wisdom school of thought..
    thats a good “crazy” but really its just a different way of thinking and that is not illogical..
    LOVE can be felt through time and space..there are no boundaries…
    wishing you all LOVE..

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