Unfortunately the world today has many problems, conflicts, people are increasingly more selfish, humanity does not give a damn to the fears and concerns of others, we rarely see someone we care the need of others.

Generally speaking, people just look for yourself.

The truth is that there are very few people who are willing to fight for something that will not bring no gain.

I try to be different, I try to give my best, people do not always understand me, but anyway, I’m not perfect, as any mistake, the mistakes we learn, what can’t is make the same mistake ever.

It is extremely important to forgive those who hurt us, is very good for the soul, so we try to understand the next, why point the finger is very easy, it’s difficult to lift it.

LOVE, this word is magic … not many people know the power that this word has, this because not know his essence.

If they knew there would probably be less suffering and pain on our planet, there would be so much violence.

Did you know that we can change the world?

I know many people say that and do nothing, but we must start from ourselves, it is clear that this change does not happen overnight, and I believe this is the reason that discourages people that are doing good and others not, but we should not give up, let’s move on, and suddenly you realize that it will achieve this change, do not let selfishness in your heart, do not give up … fight with all their vigor, their descendants will thank you.

Rather than just talk. Let’s hear it!

Instead of just thinking. Let’s act!






~ by soldiersoflove on April 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “LOVE”

  1. Thank you Wendy for writing that, it is without a dought extremely hard to get love through, and i have noticed that it as become some what a competiton,which is so wrong. I see that some fight with there hearts and souls, I see another fighting with fales pretince and i see the rest just hating everyone else. this as become a segregation, you have one’s that love, ones that are not sure, and ones that is willing to take your head off. We must remeber that we are all God’s people and that this seperation that is happening will damage th soul purpose of us becoming united. A man ask for our help, God sent this man to us, to wake us up it is up to us to work it out and unite with love. It is also hard to sit there and watch people tare each other apart, there so busy that they forgot what this is really about. So we must fix this before it gets worse. Love is so simple, so easy to give, and share, hating and bashing is so hard and complicated, that is what is wrong with this world, people refuse to communicate and try to understand eachother, and yet it is so easy to do. The energy of the univers is their fo us to explore with love, and with love all that energy can change to world, but yet people still fail to see. I am not giving up nor will i let othes bring me down, i am not doing this for myself but for my children and all children that live on this planet, to save this planet if of great importance, and as a spirtual believer I will not let God or Michael down. This hatered as to stop.

    Love is so simple, full of wonderment it is an adventure waiting to be explored. We should be exploing it together as one big family.



    • You’re welcome Yvette. Beautiful words. Thanks for being part of this family.
      You are right!!!
      “Love is so simple, full of wonderment it is an adventure waiting to be explored. We should be exploing it together as one big family.”



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